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Wips, Wips, and More Wips!

When I have been working on a project for a while, I do tend to get somewhat distracted towards the end of it. I have wips hidden away with the promise that I will get it finished 'one day'. However, that day never seems to come around!
So this Summer, I am determined to get some of them finished.
I know, I know! I've said this before (3 years ago in fact on a post on here!). But this summer, I really do mean this... honest!
So, the first wip to get my attention is my long forgotten teapot cosy.  This was meant to be a birthday present for my sister (I won't divulge how many years ago, but let's just say... not last year). It's a good job I have a very understanding family! It's so very close to being actually finished. I just need to finish the border, add one flower and a button and hook to fasten it, then it will be done!
This wonderful teacosy pattern is by The Green Dragonfly and is such a wonderful pattern, I really should make one for myself! But no…

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